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If you’re like me and prefer the comfort of your own home to the thought of driving miles to reach the nearest casino, then you would probably like the idea of a Texas hold em virtual table. I certainly love my Texas hold em virtual table, and am always advocating its use among my friends who want to bring the casino experience to their homes. So what is this Texas hold em virtual table?

The Texas hold em virtual table is an electronic device that acts as an electronic poker table for players to easily play at. It’s a great way for players to be able to play simulating a casino experience, even without really leaving the comfort of their own homes. At the same time, it helps to keep track of each player’s score so that you are playing the game the way you like it. So, here’s taking a look at the pros of this device:

  • It eliminates the need for a dealer: During a game at home, you always have to nominate someone as the dealer for the cards. And you need to make sure the dealer gets their cut, and is neutral and fair. Using a Texas hold em virtual table eliminates the need for a dealer to exist since the computer acts as the dealer. The device is neutral and fair and can give you the assurance of the game being reported accurately. The best bit is you don’t have to worry about the dealer being drunk and miscalculating your score!
  • It allows players to play the game without worrying about counting chips or managing cards. In a game of poker, a lot of time is wasted just dealing out cards, counting chips while making a wager, and so on. A lot of that time is saved using the virtual poker table, simply because all of this is automatically done. Since the screen displays all the information you need, including bearing the cards, you don’t have to worry about managing the cards, either, for all you need to do is take a glance at the screen to know where you are in the game.

According to some players, the virtual poker table also has certain cons:

  • You miss out on the feel of the real poker game experience: When you play on a virtual device, you are bound to start missing the feel of poker chips and the high intensity emotions that go into playing a physical game of poker.
  • You cannot see the other player’s faces: During a virtual game, every player is too busy looking at their screens to be able to check out the face of their opponent. You would therefore not be able to use the opportunity to detect your opponent’s emotions to determine what cards they are possibly carrying.

These cons aside, I find the virtual poker table to be handy and convenient, especially if it means I don’t have to dress up to get to a casino! It’s a win-win for me!


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