Texas Hold’em Variant of Online Poker

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Texas Hold’em is another variant of Online Poker and is one of the most popular ones, which has also received massive appreciation. It also has one of the highest numbers of players. In this game, two cards are held face down and five other cards are held face up.

There are three stages- the First stage, 3 cards are dealt and then an additional card and lastly the fifth card are dealt. Check, call, raise and fold are the main terminologies used in this game of poker. After each deal, the bet is fixed in Texas Hold’em.

About the Game

The main objective in this game of cards is to compete for a certain amount of money or chips which are called “pot”. The money and chips competed for are contributed by the players. The players try to have a hold of the money in the pot based on the cards in their hand or by guessing the cards that are held by the opponents.

The game is further divided so after each round, one player receives the hand; the highest hand is awarded the pot in Texas Hold’em. It is not how many times they win a hand that determines the winner but how smartly a player deals with his card depending on a bet, call, raise or fold. The player needs to be very cautious while playing the bet for a wise bet can yield great wins.

History and how it came into being as one of the favourite Poker online game.

Texas Hold’em originated from Texas town in the United States in early 1990’s. Eventually, the game spread rapidly across Texas after which it was introduced in Las Vegas. By the beginning of 2000, this variant of Poker established itself as one of the most played games. It also became a part of social media sites like Facebook because of the simple gameplay. It is played by almost everyone and gradually reduced the popularity of other games.

The rules you need to remember while playing Texas Hold’em

  • Small and big blind bets are placed and forced bets are additional.
  • The small bets are usually half of the big blind bet
  • Head to head and Heads up rules are used when only two players remain.
  • Before the flop, the dealer acts first and last after the flop
  • Limit, no-limit and pot-limit Hold’em are the common variants of Texas Hold’em
  • You can also double the amount of big blind bet

The cards are shuffled first after which players are dealt two cards each which are kept face down. Pre-flop betting round begins the hand; the dealer has to burn a card before a turn, flop or river. Go ahead and play Texas Hold’em which is one of the most popular variants of Poker online.

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