Texas hold em.. Where did it all start!!

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Texas Hold em is the most popular version of poker that is played in casinos across the world today. The game is easy to play and has attracted players of poker tournaments as well as casual casino players, who enjoy how the game challenges them to think strategically and to use their wits. The history of Texas Hold em says a lot about the game and its enduring popularity.

How it all began

The first game of Texas Hold em was played in Robstown, Texas in the beginning of the twentieth century. The game was then played in other parts of Texas. In 1967, the game started to be played in other states, including Las Vegas, where it was brought by a person named Crandell Addington. Addington is known to have pointed Texas Hold em to be a thinking man’s game, owing to the strategy that needs to be employed in it. As you can imagine, bringing the game to Las Vegas served to increase its popularity. Check out the video recording of a game between Bobby Baldwin and Crandell Addington here!

The Las Vegas story

When the game was first introduced in Las Vegas, it was not so well played as the main players were those belonging to one casino called The Golden Nugget. The casino in question was not patronised by the high rollers of that time, so there was no way for it to be known about the rest of the poker playing community. When The Dune casino announced the first Texas Hold em tournament in 1969, the game suddenly gained a lot of interest, especially from those who liked to play for large stakes. These players saw that a good amount of money invested in the game would mean good returns, and so they made a beeline for the game, thus helping to increase the game’s popularity in other casinos as well.

Rise to Fame

The World Series of Poker tournament in 1970, also helped the game to gain a cult following among poker players everywhere. This particular tournament had the game as the main event. Therefore, as more players participated in the tournament year on year, more of them came to know of the game and took it back with them to their countries and casinos, thus widening its popularity. There were also books written about the game that helped to make it more famous, including poker strategy books by Doyle Brunson and Al Alvarez in the seventies and the eighties.

The Game today

As is evident from every casino that you can look at, the game has a firm following and is one of the most popular versions of poker today. Thanks to its worldwide popularity, you can enjoy a game of Texas Hold em no matter which country you belong to. You can also participate in tournaments. It is a matter of pride for players of the game to pass on their knowledge of the game to other players and to be a part of its heritage. Now that you know a bit about how the game began, you too can pass on this information to other players!

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