Texas Hold Em Tournaments

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Online texas hold em tounaments are a lot of fun and provide you with plenty of opportunities to hit a huge jackpot. They are also a great way to meet some of the biggest stars in poker and requires you to use your best strategies to win. Here are some great tips for participating in Online texas hold em tounaments.

How to play Texas Hold Em

Online texas hold em tounaments are played using a 52 card deck with two hole cards dealt face down to each of the players at a table. Three community cards are subsequently dealt to the players face up and players need to use these five cards to make the best hand. Additional community cards are dealt in subsequent betting rounds and so players have the option to continuously raise their bet or fold out of the game.

Buying In to Texas Hold Em

You can buy in to Online texas hold em tounaments by paying $100 to get chips worth $1000. These chips are the only thing you are allowed to play with as no cash is allowed on the table. You cannot borrow or buy any additional chips if you lose during any stage of the tournament. The tournament is played continuously until one player wins all of the chips. The chips are sorted out in terms of their value, with each player being given a fixed number of chips.

Payouts in Texas Hold Em

The payouts in Online texas hold em tounaments depends on how much has been wagered, as well as the overall jackpot. The general payout structure is:

  • The first prize is 50% of the total buy-in
  • The second prize is 30% of the total buy-in
  • The third prize is 20% of the total buy-in
  • The fourth to twentieth prize is 0% of the total buy-in

At the table

There are as many as ten players at each table of the tournament. These players have seats that are randomly assigned in no particular order. Players at a table will compete against each other until one player wins all of the chips. Sometimes, players may be moved between tables in order to keep the number of people at each table at a constant figure.

Limits and Blinds

Each round of Texas Hold Em involves four rounds of wagering, in which the first two rounds should have wagers that meet the lower limit, while the next two rounds should have wagers that meet the higher limit. The tournament starts off with $10 limits that increase with each passing hour of the tournament.

Every hand has two blind wagers placed on it. Players can bet up to four times of the allowed wager amount for each hand, and need to say exactly what action they wish to take – check, call, raise with the amount or fold.

Finally, if there is any issue during the tournament, it will be handled by the host of the tournament and a player may have to forfeit. Here’s an interesting article on CNN about Cepheus – a poke playing programme that can’t be beat!

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