Texas hold em. Challenging or easy?

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Texas hold em is one poker game that has gained cult status among die hard poker fans. The game is fun to play and is appreciated for its strategic style that many players find challenging. There’s of course a whole lot of poker players who claim that Texas hold em is easy, and that is the charm of the game. So, is Texas hold em Challenging or is Texas hold em is easy? We’ll take a look at both sides of the argument so that we can decide!

Texas hold em is challenging

The folk who say that Texas hold em is challenging say this because of certain ways in which the game is played:

    • The game is played through dealing out two hole cards, followed by three community cards to each player. The community cards are dealt through several rounds of wagering. The challenge here lies in making the right wager at each stage based on the cards in hand, to trick your opponents into folding so that you come out the winner.
    • Once you have the cards in your hand, it’s all about having a good hand. It’s always great to have an Ace in hand, failing which you could always try to get some other high ranking cards. Of course, you could have none of these and still win as long as you manage to bluff your way through the game. But an effective bluff is certainly challenging to do, especially with experienced players who know you are up to no good!

Texas hold em is easy

Of course, there are plenty of poker players who insist that Texas hold em is easy. Here is what makes them say this:

    • When you are playing a game of poker, it’s easy to learn the best way to play it by watching how other players react to cards, or what strategies they use to play the game. When you are playing with the same set of players, they tend to use strategies that they have already used in the past, so it is easier for you to predict what cards they may be holding, based on the way they are playing or wagering. This makes the game easy enough to play.
    • To stay in the game, you do not necessarily have to make a huge wager. You can sometimes stay in the game through limping, which is basically placing the bare minimum wager that you need to stay in the game. This is a great move to get other players to think that you do not have that great a hand, even when you do have a good hand, and at the same time you are not spending too much of your bankroll on the game. It’s an easy way to keep ahead during a tough poker game.

So, we’ve given you evidence for both sides of the argument, now it’s up to you to decide if Texas hold em is challenging, or Texas hold em is easy! I personally think it’s both!

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