Preflop Strategies Secrets

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The game of Texas Hold Em is one that takes a while to master, but you can become an expert at it if you are able to master your Preflop strategies. Here, we give you some Preflop strategies that you can try out during your next poker game.

What is the preflop?

Texas Hold Em poker is played by dealing out a deck of 52 cards to players, with two cards dealt out face down, called the hole cards, and three cards dealt out to players face up, during subsequent rounds of betting. These cards are called the community cards and are used to make a winning hand. Once all of these three community cards have been dealt, you are said to be in the flop stage of the game. Therefore, the time before the third community card is dealt is called the preflop stage of the game.

Preflop strategies that you can use

  • Notice the other players: The first thing to do when you are dealt the hole cards is to resist the urge to focus on these cards, and instead pay attention to how the other players around you are reacting to theirs. The hole cards that have been dealt to you aren’t going anywhere, whereas the ones dealt to the other players will cause them to express certain reactions that will help you to figure out if they have a good hand or not. Take a look at the players who are more likely to give little away, as they are the ones to watch out for.
  • Limp or raise: You can then choose to play the rest of the betting rounds by either limping or raising your bet. Limping is when you pay the bare minimum wager that is required for you to stay in the game. This is good if you have an average hand but still want to see if you can win over the other players. Raising is when you increase the wager amount, forcing the other players to wager more on the subsequent betting rounds if they want to stay in the game. Therefore, you can raise if you have a good hand so that you can win more, or you can simply do that to trick other players into folding early. Either way, when you raise, you are giving yourself more chances to win a larger share of the pot, so it is a strategy you can employ if you have enough to wager.
  • Calling: You can call out for all players to reveal their hands if you are confident enough that you have a good hand. This can be done after other players have raised their wagers and you feel that they have better hands than yours, so that you can see if it is really true or if they have just been bluffing all along. This is a tricky move for a first time player so  you can choose your Preflop strategies wisely while you play.

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