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Wherever you turn to, more and more casino players are choosing to play online versions of games instead of heading into physical casinos. It’s only obvious then, therefore, that they would prefer to play Online Poker instead of going into to play the live game in a casino. In this article, I will tell you more about Online Poker and what advantages it has for you, as well as the different types of the game that are available today.

What is Online Poker

Online poker, is basically any type of poker game that is played on an online casino. This may be a web based casino, a downloadable casino program, or it may even be a casino that is available on your mobile device via a smartphone app. Whichever the type of Online Poker you play, you are bound to enjoy the game because of the advantages that the online version of the game has to offer.

Advantages of Online Poker

There are many advantages of playing poker online:

    • You can play it from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are
    • You can play with players across the world; something you may not have been able to do at a local casino
    • You can win a much bigger jackpot at an online casino as they do not have to pay overheads unlike physical casinos
    • You can play several variants of the game and you know that you are getting a fair experience, as the dealer is completely automated and hence a neutral entity

Types of Online Poker

You can choose to play several types of Online Poker, depending on which version of the game you are most comfortable with:

    • Texas Hold ‘Em: Texas Hold Em is the most popular and well known version of poker that exists today. The game involves two hole cards that are dealt to each of the players at a table, along with five community cards that players received through four rounds of betting. Once the hole cards have been dealt, the wagering can commence, and subsequent wagers are made once each of the community cards are dealt in following rounds.
    • Omaha: Omaha poker is a type of Texas Hold ‘Em game in which there are anywhere between 2 – 10 players at one table. The game involves four rounds of betting, and each of the players is dealt four hole cards and five community cards. The players have to make a good hand by making the best use of the two hole cards and the three community cards.
    • 7-Card Stud: In this type of poker game, seven cards are dealt to players, and they need to make the best five card combination. The players receive three hole cards and four door cards during the various rounds of the game.
    • 5-Card Draw: In this game, players are given five cards to use to make a good hand. Out of these, players can choose to trade in three of the cards in the first round of betting.

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